Name that Viking with Warlord Games

May 28, 2012 by brennon

Continuing a grand tradition Warlord Games are asking you to come up with a name for one of their Cover Miniatures, this time for Hail Caesar's Armies of Late Antiquity and Early Medieval book...

Name that Viking WIP

Hail Caesar Late Antiquity - Early Medieval Cover

That's the suspect above in all his axe wielding madness. So straight from the Longship and ready to pillage the nearest Monastery what name would you give this ocean bound raider? Maybe these previous ideas will give you a hint to what they are looking for?

Centurion Titus Aduxas

Big Wullie

Hugo RaleighA nice centrepiece model or could be made to lead a Dark Age warband to victory. I would certainly pick him up for a good Warlord in SAGA perhaps?

Either way get your thinking caps on folks and let Warlord know what he should be called!

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