Harry, Ron & Hermione Previewed For Knight Model’s Miniatures Game

May 22, 2017 by brennon

Knight Models revealed more of the characters from their Harry Potter Miniatures Game to MuggleNet this weekend as they showed off the previously unseen Harry and Ron.


As the key figure of the piece, it's good to finally see Harry. I assume we're going to see some variations on him throughout the books but this seems to sit him around the middle of the story. Ron is also looking rather cool, or as cool as Ron could look.


Each of them really has got the flowing robes thing going on, conjuring up some spell or another to help in the fight against Voldemort. We then finally have Hermione who we'd seen early on in development of the game.


The plan for the game is that it will launch in the Autumn and whilst there is still work ongoing with the rules we did get to see this first Spell Card as a bit of a hint at the mechanics.

Prototype Spell Card

It looks like we're going to be getting a card based game where maybe you choose a set of spells, or draw from a deck and play them onto the tabletop. It does seem like they've got a mechanic included where you turn the cards to gain different benefits too.

We'll know more later in the year, but it does seem rather intriguing!

What do you think of Harry and Ron?

"...we did get to see this first Spell Card as a bit of a hint at the mechanics"

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