Knight Models Adds Argus Filch To Harry Potter Core Box

April 12, 2018 by deltagamegirl22

With just a few days left to pre-order, Knight Models is pulling out all the stops to entice any Harry Potter fan to get on board for their exciting Harry Potter: Miniature Adventure Game.

"Oh dear, we are in trouble."- Argus Filch

"Meow (hiss)"- Mrs Norris

Yesterday they announced the addition of Argus Filch and his faithful sidekick, Mrs Norris, to the Core Box for any backers during the pre-order phase.

This game is shaping up to look absolutely fantastic with stunning miniatures that are sure to please the avid gamer or Harry Potter enthusiast.

Has anyone figured out how to produce money with the swish and flick of their wand?

""Oh dear, we are in trouble."- Argus Filch"

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