Barbarian Death Queens & Superheroes from Hasslefree

June 6, 2012 by brennon

Some more releases this week from the Hasslefree Miniatures collection. Check out the miniatures below and see what you think...

Taxxis (D)

First up is the Barbarian Queen of the Dead Taxxis looking like she is about to make some poor soul a headless one. A typical model from the Hasslefree line, but good for Fantasy and Role-Playing.


Next up is Aaron who I believe is based off the hero in the film Kick Ass. So if you're looking for someone to take on the mantle of your superhero on the tabletop he might be it.

Isseki (Clear)

There is also a Clear Resin version of Isseki. If you were using this model for some Sci-Fi or Cyberpunk style game then this could be whenever the hero is cloaked?

SMG Bitz

And of course you want to pick up some weapons, lots of weapons. Check out the SMG's and find a model for them to fit!

So what's taking your fancy from the Hasslefree line up in June?

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