A Bard & A Wild Warrior Pop Up From Hasslefree

February 3, 2017 by brennon

Hasslefree, or more specifically the Hasslefresian has been sculpting up some more characters. Leading the way is their updated looking Bard who seems like she's ready for an adventure, bringing song and warmth to those around the campfire.

Bard WiP

With walking stick in hand and sword at her hip, she is ready to hit the road and look for the next meal, a handful of gold and maybe a good story or two. The slightly wilder hair tussled and rough; looks perfect for her character.

Additionally, you can also check out 'Glory' which might remind you of a certain metal album cover.

Glory WiP

While I do like the 'staff' she has in her left hand it is somewhat at odds with her overall look. Of course, it would be a banner pole if it were true to the album, so maybe with a flag it wouldn't look so odd.

Last but not least we also have this Werewolf Skeleton which would make for a rather epic objective marker when you're playing your games.

Werewolf Skeleton

There's some fascinating stuff coming out of the Hasslefree folk and it would be great to at some point see some of this hit the tabletop!

What do you think?

"The slightly wilder hair tussled and rough, looks perfect for her character..."

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