Hasslefree Battle A Jotun In A New Diorama Set

August 23, 2017 by dracs

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Hasslefree are currently working on a new diorama set, pitting two heroes of the north up against a ferocious jotun.

Hasslefree Diorama

These three figures could make for an epic confrontation. Man of the match is definitely that giant jotun.

Hasslefree Diorama Set

Hasslefree Diorama Set 2

With the jotun and its rune stone forming the diorama's centre, this could be a particularly cool, cinematic set when painted up.

Currently, Hasslefree are looking for ways to make producing the rune stone cheaper to produce, so I hope we will be hearing more from this in the near future.

What kind of diorama would you like to make?

"Man of the match is definitely that giant jotun..."

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