Hasslefree Call in the Special Ops Troopers…and a Dog

July 13, 2012 by brennon

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Hasslefree Miniatures have a few more Work-in-Progress sculpts for you to have a look over for their modern warfare ranges. Check out not only a pair of variants for the troopers but a dog, in goggles. I kid you not...

Bergil Variant A

Bergil Variant B

First up is Bergil with a variety of different kits. I always loved playing as Engineers in Battlefield the video game, so this is a pretty good representation of my favourite load outs!

Hassle Variant A

Hassle Variant B

And next is Hassle who certainly looks the more stealthy of the two. Some good models to show freedom fighters or soldiers in the midst of a war zone. And now the model you have all been waiting for. Pat the belly of Hamlet the Dog...

Hamlet in Doggles

Yes, that isn't a trick of the light. It's actually a dog in body armour with goggles on, and a cap. This better be a damn good dog to spend all that military funding on!

So is Hamlet a gamers best friend?

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