Hasslefree Draft A Female Trooper Into The Spec-Ops

July 1, 2013 by brennon

Hasslefree have finalised the first female Spec-Ops team member, continuing their long line of awesome modern day soldiers. This time Widow is ready to shoot some bad guys!

Widow - Female Spec-Ops

This warrior woman of the modern age is armed with a P90 and DAGR which is used by the military to decrypt GPS signals. She certainly seems to know what she's doing and once again it looks like Kev had done well on the sculpt overall.

She doesn't look sexualised, she is wearing practical armour and would be ace to use in a squad based game as a leader of some kind. I'm fairly sure at some point Hasslefree need to get around to making a game for all these soldiers!

Is she up to standard?

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