Hasslefree Heads North For Their Nordic Dwarves!

July 29, 2013 by brennon

Hasslefree Miniatures do well when it comes to sculpting ladies but they have also now made me all the happier by bringing forth a whole host of new Norse Dwarves! Check them out below...

Ari Wilhelmson, Ranger

Falgrim Jarlsson, Veteran Thane

Olvir Brutisson, Herald

Sigurd Sigurdson, Youthful Thane

Now those are some good looking Dwarves that range from royalty to the humble adventurers diving into the woods in search of stray goblins. Since Dwarves have such a place in Norse mythology it makes sense to make up some characters based on this legacy. I have a feeling that next time I check out Hasslefree stuff I'll be picking these up.

Ekaterina 'The Spider'

Resin Masters


In another more uninteresting note (they aren't Dwarves so why should I care!) they have a selection of their resin masters for a selection of fantasy heroes and the rather awesome looking Ekaterina, their new femme fatale super spy.

If you're feeling in the zombie mood then they also have their Z-Squad set which is based off the Left 4 Dead team. I honestly thought that Crooked Dice would get to these guys rather than Hasslefree but it's nice to see some more zombie survivors. At least you know these guys will survive the attack!

Loving the Dwarves?

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