Hasslefree Miniatures Finish Their Female Gauls

March 6, 2013 by brennon

You may remember we took a look at some of the upcoming models from Hasslefree not far back. Well, below are the two finished Gaul heroines that you might just recognise...

Female Asterix

Female Obelix

We had previously seen Femme-Asterix in an almost finished form, but Femme-Obelix was certainly a couple of steps from completion. However, now you can see both of the miniatures above with plenty of character and a neat nod to a fantastic cartoon.

New Adventurer

As well as this we have this 'New Adventurer' as he has been tagged by Hasslefree. I think this fellow might just be a little inspired by Borderlands 2. What do you think?

Once again though we have a raft of fantastic looking miniatures that would be perfect across the board in many a game.

Will you be picking up the rather better looking versions of Asterix and Obelix?

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