Hasslefree Miniatures Release A Bullish Warrior

August 8, 2012 by brennon

Check out a few of the interesting bits and pieces coming out of Hasslefree Miniatures for August. I reckon most of you will guess which is my favourite from this group...

Guillermo 28mm (Front)

Guillermo 28mm (Rear)

I would let you guess, but he's up here first anyway! I really like this miniature, a mix of the ancient and the medieval in a fantasy warrior. I like the charging bull on his shield, which is then mirrored in that horned helm. A great model for Role-Playing.

Modern Trooper - Sight and Suppressor

Trooper Head - Demon

As well as the Fantasy warrior there is also a selection of Modern Warfare miniatures, including the soldier above. I quite like this current range of Spec-Op style models, it's bought out some really good looking sculpts.

Do you like Guillermo as much as me?

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