Hasslefree Miniatures Preview Swords, Guns & Buns

July 22, 2013 by brennon

Hasslefree Miniatures have a few more previews over on their Facebook page. Check out some of their work-in-progress miniatures below that would be great for a range of different worlds...


Dead Knight WIP

First up we have two burly looking gentlemen. Firstly we have Mordakai who looks to be a cross between the Heavy from Team Fortress and the small barrel of muscle from Borderlands 2. A perfect model for a zombie apocalypse.

Next we have this dead (or indeed decaying) knight. It'll be interesting to check out the model once some more work has gone into the face as if he is truly going to be a dead warrior he could be an awesome character figure for Vampire Counts.

WIP Female Adventurer

Last but not least is the rather larger scale female adventurer complete with pistol and cruel looking blade. If you were looking to get yourself a Red Sonja then you might not go too far wrong with her although you'd have to lose the gun.

As we know from looking at a lot of the Hasslefree line the sculptor really does like the female form and actually does re-create it in miniature form well. This one is certainly no different even if she is a tad impractical.

What do you think?

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