Hasslefree Miniatures Promote Sgt Spanner

July 27, 2012 by brennon

I'm not kidding, the new name for the Hasslefree model below is indeed Sgt Spanner. I wonder whether or not that's his real name, or was it something the other soldiers say behind his back?

Sgt Spanner

Regardless of his name I quite like the sculpt as a comic book style soldier of fortune. It fits in well with the rest of the Hasslefree range.

Resin Hassle

They also showed off the two Spec-Ops agents, Hassle and Bergil in their current resin form. Both have alternate weapons which can be swapped out. I wonder if you could magnetize them?

Resin Bergil

Some great looking military miniatures for use in your modern wargames. I reckon we need a Spec-Ops skirmish game so we can use these guys.

What do you think of this weeks peek inside Hasslefree?

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