Hasslefree Reveal A Particularly Well Equipped Elf

September 9, 2014 by dracs

Hasslefree have a couple of new limited edition resin master minis out, including one elven warrior who appears to have been caught with his trousers down.


He may not have much in the way of clothing, but he's still pretty well equipped with that massive sword in hand ready to deal with any monsters he might come across.

Hasslefree have a bunch of other new resin sculpts as well, although none with quite the same fashion sense as Lorsan the Elf here.

Pilot Vic


These two are a beautiful pair of ladies and it is good to see them both in resin. However, the one that had me excited is this rather familiar figure.

Frank Cisco

This is a new mould for one of Hasslefree's most popular old minis. Dressed in 70s clothes and wielding an iconic 44. Magnum, this character is the perfect mini for any pulp game setting.

Which of these resin masters is your favourite? Do you like the Pilot Vic? Or do you like the elf Lorsan and his mighty weapon?

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