Hasslefree Roll Out Three Sexy Resin Ladies

January 26, 2015 by dracs

Hasslefree have released resin master sculpts of three new ladies, two of whom are probably in search of some warm clothes given that it is still January.

First we start with a seductive Succubus.


This is the third succubus have come out with and apparently there are plans for a third incubus and a Succubus Witch to round out the set. These sexy daemons will then help you to make the perfect disturbing coven of creatures for your fantasy games.

After her we meet Gia.


Gia may be bald, but she has plenty of other fine features to make up for this. She started life as one of sculptor Kev's finished dolly's, as he apparently often starts sculpts by making complete naked females before adding clothing. All in all this is a fairly decent sculpt, although Gia has a rather strange pose that makes her look either very graceful, or like she is directing traffic.

Finally, we come to my favourite of the three, a dwarf shieldmaiden named Adalheid.


Adalheid simply has so much more character to her than either of the other two, and I would actually say I think she's more attractive. Aside from the dress, this dwarf shieldmaiden looks like she would more than at home in a melee and could therefore make an excellent character model for a fantasy adventuring party.

Which of Hasslefree's latest three do you like?

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