Hasslefree’s Powered Armoured Chipster Is A Loyal Sci-Fi Warrior

October 28, 2015 by brennon

Hasslefree have shown off the final model for Chipster, the loyal space hound turned Sci-Fi warrior with a rather awesome rifle and some excellently crafted armour...

Chipster (Front)

This is one awesome model and you could see him fighting his way through tabletop forces in some kind of Guardians of the Galaxy style story alongside some other anthropomorphic animal heroes. Maybe we'll see Hasslefree do different animal warriors too.

Chipster (Rear)

I like that he even has a power armoured tail. Now we just need to see this chap painted up with some bright power armour and maybe even a bit of battle damage.

What do you think?

"Maybe we'll see Hasslefree do different animal warriors too..."

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