Three Sculpts Appear on Hasslefree’s Workbench

January 22, 2015 by dracs

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Hasslefree are showing off three new WiPs that they have been working on this month, ranging from some heavily muscled barbarians to a mohawk sporting mad woman.

January WiP

January WiP Barbarian

These two blokes are both shaping up very well, and the musculature on the first image is particularly well sculpted. The barbarian in the second picture looks to be almost done, but apparently will be getting his hair redone soon. Might I suggest an afro?

However, pride of place goes to the finished sculpt of Joanne.

January WiP Joanne

The female counterpart to Hasslefree's Joe, Joanne is a model that drips with punk style. Everything, from her clothing to her stance, speaks of attitude and someone who will have no qualms with bashing someone over the bonce with that bat. This makes her an excellent character model and, given how much punk seems to become prevalent in post-apocalypse settings, one which would fit in well with all manner of games.

Which of these three are you waiting for Hasslefree to finish?

"Joanne is a model that drips with punk style"

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"...the musculature is particularly well sculpted"

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