Hasslefree Miniatures Shows Off Post Apocalyptic Resin Master

July 12, 2016 by stvitusdancern

Hasslefree Miniatures posted on their Facebook page a picture of the resin master for their Alex H.

This post apocalyptic miniature looks bad-ass. This guy looks all business and ready to do some serious chopping and slashing. Hasslefree Miniatures describes it best

Alex H is the fifth member of the very loosely affiliated mercenary group also containing Ekaterina, Rowen, Ryan and Danica. His preference is for edged weapons but he's never shy of a good gun battle.

I have always liked resin for how it holds the detail and this is no exception. These would be a nice addition to anyone's collection.

Are you looking for a strong survivor?

"This post apocalyptic miniature looks bad-ass..."

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