Soldiers & Berserkers On The Cards From Hasslefree

March 11, 2016 by brennon

Hasslefree Miniatures have shown off some new previews of what their characters are going to be a little way down the line. We're going with Fantasy and Sci-Fi here with a start being the Female Modern Trooper who has been tweaked...

Female Modern Trooper

This model here shows her walking forwards towards the battlefield ready to pull those goggles down over her face. It's a neat snap shot in time which is what I like in my models. Of course it doesn't always make for the best battlefield models BUT it does work for the likes of dioramas.

Maybe you could make one of her walking away from an explosion? Next up we have the ball of explosive power here that is Kayden...


She is a Dwarven Berserker leaping towards the fighting with her sword held high about to cut someone in two. Once again this would make for an awesome diorama or vignette where she's leaping from a wall to smash in the skull of a troll or something.

Which of the two do you prefer?

"Maybe you could make one of her walking away from an explosion?"

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