Spec-Ops & Sci-Fi With New Hasslefree Releases

December 3, 2012 by brennon

Hasslefree Miniatures have released some new models for the beginning of December. First up are this pair of slightly more Sci-Fi creations, Akkie and Maxine...



At the top we have Akkie with his 'smart gun' used by the alien tasks forces in the far future. I like the stance and it would certainly be a perfect model to do some good source lighting on, with a potential glow from the front of the weapon playing over his armour.

Maxine is the star of this latest selection of releases though. She's an ex-marine who has scavenged a bunch of armour together, some of it you might be a little familiar with. I like the flowing hair and rather big gun she's carrying into battle.



There is also a pair of new heroes for their Spec-Ops world. Freak and Demon will make great additions to your continuing modern warfare games and there must be a good skirmish game out there that would benefit from them.

More great stuff from Hasslefree?

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