A Swing and a Serious Hit from Hasslefree Miniatures

April 13, 2012 by brennon

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Some more lovely ladies are making their way out of Hasslefree Miniatures in the near future. Check out the latest offerings in the form of a berserk Barbarian and an angry looking Felicity...

Female Barbarian

First up is their Fantasy Female Barbarian with a axe that looks like it could do some serious damage. Nice fur work, plenty of detailed armour and great character would make this a seriously excellent Role Playing miniature. She NEEDS to be in a Dungeons & Dragons game.

Felicity with Bat

Next up is the return of Felicity this time with a baseball bat to call her own. Zombies beware as she could take your head clean off with that.

Will you be buying any of these lovely ladies when they get released?

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