Fantastic Heavy Gear Facebook Giveaway!

July 16, 2012 by beerogre

To coincide with our week long coverage on Heavy Gear, the guys at Dream Pod 9 will be giving away some superb Heavy Gear miniatures on their Facebook page!

Here's what you have to do... LIKE THE PAGE!

Here's what's you can win...
One Army Starter of your Choice.

  • at 2500 Likes, the Prize is upgraded to a Task Force of your Choice
  • at 3000 Likes, the Prize is augmented with a HG Reaper Paint Set
  • at 3500 Likes, the Prize is augmented further with a HG Battlefoam Bag

So the more likes the bigger the prize... so get liking and get winning!

The guys from Dream Pod 9 will be drawing the winner on Sunday at 11PM EST.

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