It’s Heavy Gear Week… Get your Free Starter Pack Today!

July 16, 2012 by beerogre

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Right off the back of our Warhammer 40K week, we're heading straight into a week long extravaganza on the epic sci-fi game... Heavy Gear!

We're going to have some fun discussions about the Heavy Gear factions, some cool unboxing videos and Romain has painted an amazing Duellist gear... his "Pink Panther" Wildcat!

Not only that, but the guys from Dream Pod 9 have created for us an exclusive set of starter rules as a free download for every viewer and if you've always wanted to know how to magnetise a resin model, stay tuned for later in the week, when Romain will take you through the steps.

The 25 page rules pack contains all you need to play a game of Heavy Gear... including:

  • Rules for moving, shooting and smashing up enemy Gears!
  • Rules for firing those awesome artillery weapons... even at targets you can't see!
  • 2 sample starter armies for the Northern & Southern Factions... but you can still make your own on Heavy Gear's free force creation software... Gear Garage!
  • 4 pages of print out counters, miniatures and even the useful Heavy Gear movement dice!

So, if you want to get a handle on Heavy Gear, now's your chance... you can download the free rules HERE!

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