Model Spotlight: Chevalier

November 23, 2011 by beerogre

Filling the role of a fire support Gear, the Chevalier was inspired by the Southern Boa Gear and Northern Bear Gear. The older model polar Gears were accessible to NuCoal engineers, who used their experience with the designs to build their own fire support Gear. In general, the Chevalier performs with mixed results in its standard configuration. The standard load is not configured to take out heavier targets, but is effective in dealing with infantry and light to medium class Gears. The variant load outs used by the Chevalier are more effective in dealing with heavier targets, but due to their specialized nature they are rare.

Chevalier - Standard Load Out

Variants: The Chevalier has six standard load-outs and one experimental load-out. In addition to their standard load out there are four specialized load-outs fielded by NuCoal. These variations are generally simple weapon swaps. The Command Variant (CV) includes advanced communications and electronic warfare equipment. In Prince Gable, there is an experimental version of the Chevalier CV called the Chevalier CV Sentry that incorporates a satellite uplink.

Chevalier - Command Variant

Chevalier - Spear

Chevalier - Hammer

Chevalier - Hellfire

Chevalier - Javelin

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