Model Spotlight: Cuirassier

November 22, 2011 by beerogre

Largely based off of the South’s Black Mamba Gear, the Cuirassier was the Humanist Alliance’s solution for an elite model Gear within its own forces. NuCoal and PAK forces integrated the Cuirassier into their armies after the Humanists shared the design and prototypes to their allies. Eventually the Cuirassier would undergo some modifications before final production. The current model is reserved as a top line Gear in line regiments, but a few of Cuirassiers have made their way into reserve and county militias. Since the Gear is airdrop capable, the Cuirassier is also regularly found in airborne and special forces companies as a Gear of choice for many pilots.

Cuirassier - Standard Load out

Variants: The Cuirassier has seven standard configurations and one experimental variant fielded in Prince Gable and Humanist forces. Five of these configurations are simple weapon swaps. The remaining two have more significant upgrades such as the Command Variant (CV), which has an improved electronic warfare and communications package, and the Command Variant Sentry model, which adds a satellite uplink to the standard Command Variant. The Sentry is currently in experimental stages and is only fielded by Prince Gable and Humanist Forces.

Cuirassier - Command Variant

Cuirassier - Long Gunner

Cuirassier - Lance

Cuirassier - Hellfire

Cuirassier - Grenadier

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