Model Spotlight: Hussar

November 24, 2011 by beerogre

Originally designed as a Strider, a larger heavy weapons platform used by the Terra Nova military. The Hussar evolved into a Gear and tank hybrid after decades of development. The Hussar fits a comfortable niche for NuCoal and PAK forces. The Geartank acts as a light Strider carrying a larger payload of weapons, but has the mobility of a light tank. The Humanist Alliance, who initially designed the Hussar, make heavy use of the Geartank in their Strider cadres.

NuCoal Hussar Standard Load-Out

Variants: The Hussar has five standard variants, which change out the turreted weapons mounted above the head of the Geartank. The Hussar has no Command Variant, but the Geartanks work in conjunction with recon squads, who make up for the lack of advanced electronic warfare capabilities.

NuCoal Hussar Spear

NuCoal Hussar Hammer

NuCoal Hussar Lance

NuCoal Hussar Skyhammer

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