NuCoal for Heavy Gear Blitz… check out the entire range!

September 27, 2011 by beerogre

You saw a recent teaser for the new Heavy Gear Blitz faction last week, but now we can officially announce the imminent launch of the NuCoal forces! Here's a list of what will be on offer...

Perfect Storm - The NuCoal Field Guide

Here's the place to get all your information and up-to-date background on the NuCoal and their struggle against the other factions of the Heavy Gear game world and their place in the battle for Terra-Nova. The book will contain datacards for the New Coalition Self-Defense Force (NuCoal SDF) and Port Arthur Korps (PAK), plus army lists for all NuCoal forces.

Perfect Storm - NuCoal Field Guide - Cover Art

NuCoal GP Squad

The General Purpose squads are the basic front line gears of any NuCoal SDF regiment and as such form the mass of the NuCoal forces. They are able to fill a variety of roles and can even be customised to perform specialist functions. The unit box will contain 4 Chasseur Mk 1 Gears and 1 Chasseur Mk 1 Command Variant, with optional weapons.

NuCoal G.P. Squad

NuCoal Recon Squad

Stocked to the rafter with electronic warfare equipment and high speed engines, the Recon Squad are the just guys you need to locate those elusive gears and disrupt enemy communications. The unit box will contain 1 Cuirassier Gears and 4 Jerboa Scout Gears, along with the optional parts and weapons.

NuCoal Recon Squad

NuCoal Fire Support Squad

Heavy Weapons!!! HURRAH!!! Fire Support Squads bring to bear a mssive amount of firepower to the battlefields of Tera-Nova. They contain the largest Gears the NuCoal can field and can annihilate their opponents in a hail of missiles and explosive shells. The unit box will contain 2 Chevalier Support Gears, 2 Jerboa Scout Gears and 1 Chasseur Mk 1 Command Variant, along with all the optional weapons and bits needed to make all of those different variants.

NuCoal Fire Support Squad

NuCoal Strike Squad

Only the finest NuCoal pilots the best equipped Gears make the cut to become a member of a Strike Squad. The elite Strike Squads are dropped deep behind enemy lines to sow destruction and confusion amongst the enemy. The unit box will contain 5 Cuirassier Gears, with optional weapons and extra parts to configure make different variants outlined in the NuCoal Field Guide.

NuCoal Strike Squad

NuCoal Hussar

Last but not least is the NuCoal Hussar, a massive heavily armed monster with a little secret... it can transform into a speedy ground mode or remain combat ready in its walking position. This is the walking mode... but as you'll see that the transformed version in ground mode is planned very soon.

NuCoal Hussar Walker Mode

NuCoal Hussar Ground Mode

For those who want to boost their forces, you can also get some twin packs of Chasseur, Chavalier, Cuirassier and Jeroba models. If I remember my Heavy Gear correctly, from reading the main rulebook, if you designate one of your squads as a veteran squad, you can upgrade or swap out some of the Gears with other models. So having access to some spares can only be a good thing.

Cuirassier Two & Chevalier Packs

Jerboa & Chasseur Two Packs

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