The NuCoal Voltigeur Battle Tank for Heavy Gear Hits the Field

May 26, 2012 by brennon

Another awesome model rolls off the production line for the world of Heavy Gear by Dream Pod 9. Check out the NuCoal Voltigeur Main Battle Tank below...

Voltigeur Heavy Tank #1

Voltigeur Heavy Tank #2

Voltigeur Heavy Tank #3

Now that's one impressive looking tank. When you compare it to the size of the Gears behind it you can truly get a sense of scale on this mammoth vehicle. That's not to mention the amount of fire power this tank can put out. Voltigeur tanks utilise indirect fire guns aiding Gears as they attack in a deadly spearhead.

Voltigeur #1

Voltigeur #2

Voltigeur #3

Voltigeur #4

Voltigeur Hammer

The tank has a variety of different load outs and even some accessories to make it just right for your needs on the battlefield.

I imagine most NuCoal players will want to pick this up!

What do you make of this powerful piece of kit?

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