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Have you experienced Heavy Gear yet?


Delve into the Heavy Gear Quick Start Rules Pack as we run through the two army lists.

What Motivates the Southern Faction in Heavy Gear?


That (not-so) shining example of universal harmony, the Southern Faction of the Heavy Gear universe, is given the once over.

Who are the Northern Faction in Heavy Gear?


Heavy Gear's zealous Northern Faction get's looked into by a pair of zealous wargamers.

The Voltigeur… NuCoal’s Heavy Battle Tank


The Voltigeur, the biggest, nastiest tank in the NuCoal armoury, get's rolled out for the guys to take a look at.

Fantastic Heavy Gear Facebook Giveaway!


To coincide with our week long coverage on Heavy Gear, the guys at Dream Pod 9 will be giving away some superb Heavy Gear miniatures on their Facebook page!

New CEF Taskforce for Heavy Gear


If you've been waiting for the new Task Force Deal for the C.E.F. Heavy Gear's resident "bad guys" then wait no longer... it's here!

Unboxing the Heavy Gear Reaper Paint Set


Andy takes look at the contents of the latest Heavy Gear paint set from Reaper Miniatures.

An Interview with Heavy Gear’s Jason Dickerson


Andy speaks to the Heavy Gear developer and writer, Jason Dickerson, about the background to Heavy Gear and what's the next major release for the Dream Pod 9 Team

It’s Heavy Gear Week… Get your Free Starter Pack Today!


Right off the back of our Warhammer 40K week, we're heading straight into a week long extravaganza on the epic sci-fi game... Heavy Gear! Not only that, but the guys from Dream Pod 9 have created for us an exclusive set of starter rules as a free download for every viewer.

Heavy Gear: Blitz! How to Play…Part 1


Here's the first part of our guide on how to play Heavy Gear: Blitz! .

Heavy Gear: Blitz! How to Play…Part 2


Following on from part 1 here is the second part of our Heavy Gear: Blitz! How to Play series.

No Smoke without Fire from Dream Pod 9


There's certainly no smoke without fire when it comes to battlefield markers.

Dream Pod 9 Get Ready to Blitz your Summer!


The guys over at Dream Pod 9 are giving you a FREE look at the Heavy Gear Blitz Rules for a summer of Mech combat!

Hovering Firepower with the Fusilier in Heavy Gear


Check out the mighty yet light Fusilier Hover Tank from Dream Pod 9!

The NuCoal Voltigeur Battle Tank for Heavy Gear Hits the Field


Check out the mighty Voltigeur Main Battle Tank for the forces of the NuCoal in Heavy Gear!

Some Heavy Duty Engineering from Dream Pod 9


Dream Pod 9 reveal a rather massive Sapeur Heavy Engineering Gear for the NuCoal faction!

Dream Pod 9 Extend Entry on Their Master Paint Set Draw


Be in with a chance of winning a Heavy Gear Blitz Master Paint Set with Reaper Miniatures and Dream Pod 9!

Check Out the Barnaby Transport and Chargeur Engineering Gear!


If your looking to transport your Gears to war or you want something to dig you some fortifications.. then check out the Barnaby and Chargeur... new for Heavy Gear!

Dream Pod 9 Help You to Get Where You Need in a Hurry


Dream Pod 9 have a new miniature exclusively available from their online store. The Southern Barnaby Gear Transport.

Updated Above with New Pics & NuCoal Gear!

Heavy Gear Paint Set Hits the Shelves of Reaper!


If you've been looking for that perfect colour to paint up your North, South or brand new NuCoal battle Force, then check out the fantastic new paint set from Reaper Paints, specifically formulated with all the tones you need for some full-on Heavy Gear action!

Heavy Gear Paint Set… plus Free Giveaway!


Check out the brand new Heavy Gear Paint Set due out on 9th of April 2012.

Tiger and Sidewinder… Resculpted for Heavy Gear!


The Sidewinder is a deadly Gear despite the age of its design. While the Tiger might be the predecessor of the Jaguar, but it's still packs a punch!

Download the latest Gear Up E-Zine Today!


If you missed it then what are you waiting for, the latest Gear Up E-Zine for Heavy Gear is available for download.

The Naga… Heavy Gear’s Walking Weapons Platform!


Darrell takes a look at the awesome firepower of the Naga. A massive fighting machine for Heavy Gear.

NuCoal Sampson APC from Heavy Gear


Darrell takes a look at the Sampson APC, for the NuCoal faction of Heavy Gear.

Espion Stealth Gears & Beastriders… New for Heavy Gear!


Just because their 15ft. combat machines doesn't mean they can't be sneaky... well... with the right equipment anyway. However, if big fighting robots aren't your thing... then why not have some Armadillo Beasts!

Perfect Storm: The NuCoal Field Guide in the Spotlight


Darrell & Andy take a good hard look at the NuCoal Field Guide and give you their take on this new directino fro Heavy Gear: Blitz.

That’ll be One Big Scratching Post! It’s the Heavy Gear Wildcat


Darrell looks at the Wildcat for Heavy Gear: Arena... but don't worry, you can use it in Heavy Gear: Blitz too.

Detailed Bases and New Terrain from Dream Pod 9


New Bases and Stone Head Terrain from Dream Pod 9.

More Sampson Hover APC Variants for Heavy Gear


Check out the latest variants of the Sampson Hover APC that we brought you a few days ago.

NuCoal Sampson Hover APC… Brand New for Heavy Gear!


Check out the latest model for the NuCoal faction of Heavy Gear: Blitz... the Sampson Hover APC!

Heavy Gear Defence Turrets


Darrell takes a look at another terrain set from Dream Pod 9. This time it's the defence turrets turrets that you can use to defend your badlands outpost.

DP9 Christmas Sale & New Terrain Available


If you’re on the hunt for some Christmas deals or some funky new terrain look here!

Dream Pod 9: Golden Gear & Facebook Winners


It’s time to announce a few winners for competitions Dream Pod 9 has been running.

Heavy Gear Jerboa Prototype Close Up

11 years ago 5

Darrell takes a look at the resin prototype for the new Jerboa, the new recon gear for the NuCoal faction of Heavy Gear: Blitz.

Heavy Gear Badlands Outpost Unboxed!


Darrell takes a look at some of the brand new terrain for Heavy Gear: Blitz... this time it's the Badlands Outpost!

NuCoal Patch Available for HG Battle Foam Bag


The guys at Dream Pod 9 have created a new Velcro patch available for the NuCoal Faction! This 3" diameter patch is velcro-backed so that it can be placed on the front of the Heavy Gear Blitz Battle Foam Bag. The seven […]

Exclusive Backstage Download… Heavy Gear: Blitz! Rulebook


To celebrate the launch of the latest NuCoal products, Dream Pod 9 have given us an exclusive PDF of the Heavy Gear: Blitz! Field Manual to giveaway to members of Backstage.

Model Spotlight: NuCoal Infantry & Mounted Infantry


As well as Gears & Tanks NuCoal forces utilize regular human infantry and the mysterious Sand Riders.

Model Spotlight: Hussar


A large heavy weapons platform, used by the Terra Nova military. The Hussar evolved into a Gear and tank hybrid after decades of development.

Win a Heavy Gear: Blitz Starter Set!


That's right guys... its time for you to get a chance to win some fantastic Heavy Gear goodies... and this one is a cracking competition!

Model Spotlight: Jerboa


NuCoal’s only locally produced recon Gear... the Jerboa started its design life as an experimental racing Gear!

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