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Start Your Pre-Orders For Heavy Gear’s Forged In Fire


Check out all the different pre-orders for Heavy Gear Blitz! This could be a big one!

The Heavy Gear Blitz: Forged in Fire Cover is Unveiled


Check out the cover of Forged in Fire which shows off an epic piece of artwork for December!

Dream Pod 9 Show Off Some Painted Forged in Fire Gears


Check out some classic miniatures from the Heavy Gear range painted by Studio Giraldez!

A Preview of the Heavy Gear Hydra Strider from Dream Pod 9


The folks over at Dream Pod 9 show us what the Hydra Strider looks like from the Southern Field Guide.

Dream Pod 9 Get You Started With A NuCoal Army Box


An awesome NuCoal Army Box is now on offer from Dream Pod 9. Grab it and get started in the world of Heavy Gear.

Win Big With Dream Pod 9’s Golden Gear Painting Contest!


If you’re a painting master then maybe you’ll consider going in for the Golden Gear painting competition?

Bases, Bitz & Upgrades from Dream Pod 9 for Heavy Gear


A mass of Heavy Gear Bases, Upgrades and Swaps from Dream Pod 9!

Heavy Gear Interview at Gen Con 2012


Adam takes time to meet the guys from Dream Pod 9 to ask them what’s the future of giant robots, epic battles and sci-fi gaming, in the world of Heavy Gear.

Superbly Painted Drake Gear-Strider for Heavy Gear!


Angel Giraldez has worked his magic on The Drake Gear-Strider. Check out the painted marvel within!

Drake Gear-Strider at Gencon 2012… Will you be one of the Lucky 20?


Heavy Gear will have 20 limited edition pre-release kits available at
Gen Con 2012 of the devastating Drake… the new Gear-Strider coming soon in the Southern Field Guide!

Dream Pod 9 Decorate the Heavy Gear Badlands


Dream Pod 9 have a great looking terrain set on offer at Gen Con this month.

Head into the Jungle with New Hex Bases for Heavy Gear


Heavy Gear take you into the Jungle with their new Hex Bases.

Gen Con 2012 Plays Host to a Heavy Gear Exclusive Miniature


Will you be picking one of these Heavy Gear exclusive miniatures up at Gen Con?

Brand New Heavy Gear Video Game Due for Development


Check Out the Heavy Gear bag from Battle Foam


Andy & Sam need to protect their Heavy Gear models, but what better way to do it than by using a Battle Foam bag!

All Out War! Let’s Play Heavy Gear!


Darrell and Andy bust out their Heavy Gear forces for a quick and bloodthirsty throw down battle!

Magnetising a Heavy Gear Naga Strider… Part 2


Romain completes the magnetisation of his Naga Strider.

Buy a Heavy Gear Starter Set & you could win a Starter Army


Backstage members that buy either the Heavy Gear Blitz or Arena Starter Set, and enter the voucher code inside will be entered into a prize draw to win one of the Heavy Gear Army Sets worth £72.95.

NuCoal… they’re New… but are they the Best?


The NuCoal have the most up to date Field Guide… but does that mean they’re the best?

Magnetising a Heavy Gear Naga Strider… Part 1


Romain magnetises each of the weapon options for a Southern Naga Strider.

Time to Take a Look at the Peace River Faction in Heavy Gear


The guys discuss Heavy Gear’s very own private army… Peace River.