How to Paint a Heavy Gear Meggido

October 20, 2011 by beerogre

So you want to know how to paint a Meggido for Heavy Gear Arena? Then check out this HOW TO GUIDE from the studio painters at Dream Pod 9.

Download The PDF Painting Guide Click Here

But don't forget, if you're painting your favourite gear, then why not enter it into the Dream Pod 9 Golden Gear competition?

Entry is easy and you can win a slew of prizes...

Click here for details.

The catagories are:

  • Best Duellist for the best Heavy Gear: Arena single miniature
  • Best Mascot for the best heavy Gear: Arena conversion or arena clown miniature
  • Best Army Commander for the best Heavy Gear: Blitz single miniature
  • Best Army for the best Heavy Gear: Blitz army of 8 models or greater

Each winner gets at least $50 (CAD) and a gold plated trophy. Entries need to be in by November 15th 2011, so you better get your skates on!

There's more info about the competition, including any additional rules you may need to consider, in their Gear Up E-Zine, available free from the Dream Pod 9 website... check out out!

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