Heresy Miniatures Celebrate 15th Anniversary With “Fallen Big Boris”

November 6, 2017 by thisisazrael

Heresy Miniatures celebrate their 15th Anniversary with "Fallen Big Boris" as pre-orders start arriving.

Heresy Miniatures Fallen Boris

The imposing, ogre-sized resin mini comes with four head options and would work well in chaotic armies or as a big boss for your adventurers in an RPG.

Heresy Miniatures Fallen Boris Sculpt

He comes on a 50mm scenic base made to look like rubble.

Heresy Miniatures Fallen Boris Sculpt

In a 28mm scale, he'd stand about 8.5 foot tall!

As a nice aside as well Andy from Heresy Miniatures wrote the below post about his "Non-Heresy Anniversary".

"Meanwhile in real life, it's my wedding anniversary today and to celebrate 23 years together (16 married, 23 in total) with my long-suffering wife (I mean, can you imagine?) the first seven (7) people to use the Redemption Code 23YEARSSOMEHOW when ordering anything worth £100 or more can get £23.00 GBP off!

One use per customer so be sure to add everything you want in one go! However, if you prefer, or if you're too late for that, you can get 16% off any order before 24th of November by using the code 16YEARSALREADY instead. Be sure to use block capital letters for the code to work."

A nice gesture from Andy and some incentive if you were considering picking up any of the range.

Have you celebrated an anniversary with miniatures before?

"In a 28mm scale, he'd stand about 8.5 foot tall!"

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