Heresy Miniatures Reveal A Raft Of New Miniatures

April 9, 2013 by brennon

Heresy Miniatures have a whole bunch of new miniatures for you to enjoy this month. Check out the selection of New Products that is mainly focused on the Sci-Fi side of things...

Sharclon Trooper with Destructor Rifle

Sharclon Officer with Destructor Pistol

First up are this pair of Sharclon Troopers with a pistol and rifle. Some big burly warriors based off the aliens from Doctor Who and looking pretty awesome.

Officer With Swagger Baton

Ms. Spectre


Shade II

Following them we have a whole bunch of Shades, the deadly Ms. Spectre and and a rather mean looking Law Enforcer ready to use some excessive force on those who would stand in his way.

All of these miniatures would be great for a Sci-Fi role-play, especially something like Gamma World. It would give you plenty of opportunities to paint things up in weird and wonderful ways.

Mullet The Barbarian

Lastly we have the only Fantasy release in Mullet the Barbarian with a torch this time around. A big burly barbarian hopefully without the oiled muscles!

Mullet is pretty epic though and he has the comic book style that the rest of the Heresy Miniatures have too.

Which will you be grabbing?

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