More Monsters & Minions Head To Heresy’s Kickstarter

August 21, 2014 by brennon

Heresy Miniatures have continued to add a whole bunch of monsters and minions to their Return of the Monsters Kickstarter and below is a selection of them!


Goblin Archers


Keeping an eye on the little things we have things like the awesome Furies, some deadly Goblin Archers and even some Hellbeasts that might be familiar if you like busting ghosts! As well as the little additions they also have some big creatures and one in particular that might even end up looking like you!



The Occulak allows you to, when using the Face of Evil reward, add your own face onto this beast! I don't know whether or not I'd like my mug on something like this but it's certainly a very personalised and fun reward.

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