Heresy’s Mucklegeet Makes A Giant Release

February 7, 2018 by dracs

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Heresy Miniatures have unleashed their new giant Mucklegeet upon the world.


Mucklegeet Back

Mucklegeet is giant, even by giant standards. The model stands at 180mm in height to his head, while the base is 120mm by 90mm.

The model is really well detailed, but the best touch has to be the screaming paladin who has become Mucklgeet's dinner.

Mucklegeet Dinner

Mucklegeet Dinner 2

This is exactly the sort of giant who could form the entire focus for a heroic quest, or who might be found half-way up a beanstalk.

What sort of scenarios would you base around this model?

"Giant even by giant standards..."

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