The NetherLord Returns Through Kickstarter & Heresy!

August 19, 2014 by brennon

Heresy Miniatures have now launched their new Kickstarter project, Return of the Monsters, which lets you to help them create a mass of monsters for the tabletop including the deadly NetherLord himself!

Saucy Succubi

Big Boris III

They start things off with some smaller scale miniatures that get you a few Saucy Succubi you can see above and the other focus is of course also Big Boris III! You can also pick up things like zombies which would be perfect for a bit of dungeon fodder! The real focal point of course are the big monsters!

Snow TrollMonstrous Spider

Manbane the Minotaur

Dungeon Troll

Trolls, masterful Minotaurs and the deadly skitter of spiders across the dungeon tiles! I am a big fan of the Snow Troll and Manbane the Minotaur and there is plenty of choice within the rewards too. Leading all these different monsters however is the NetherLord himself!

Azaroth the Fallen

Netherlord Reborn

Now that is one awesome looking NetherLord! He's a decidedly large chunk of resin but it would make an amazing painting project. If you're looking for someone who replaces Horny the Demon from Dungeon Master or indeed Diablo himself from well...Diablo...then you have your miniature!

What will you pledge for?

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