New Customisation Options Available For Hero Forge

June 2, 2015 by brennon

Hero Forge have added some more fun upgrades and options to their Custom Miniature Creator which enables you to make heroes and villains for the tabletop. It's a very cool program and now it includes Cat People, Werewolves and Textured Bases...

Furry Obsession?

First up we have the Furry convention meeting set at a Renaissance Fayre. These new options allow you to be either Cat or Wolf people in your fantasy worlds. If you really liked being a Khajit in Elder Scrolls then I reckon this is the option for you.

Cat People & Werewolves

I might have to play around with the idea of a Werewolf Warrior though...

Textured Bases

As well as the new head options they've included an option to texture your bases with a range of different types that include wooden planks, stone slabs and cobble/street looks.

Textured Bases

Once again some neat additional options for creators looking to set their model in a particular place. The wooden planks would be great for the deck of a seafaring boat while the stone slabs and cobble/street might work for both a dungeon and an urban environment above ground.

Who Wore It Better?

If you really like robes with spectacular looking sleeves then they've also catered to you. One of the great things about this project is that they really seem to listen to their followers when it comes to new options and they're quick on the update too.

New Sleeve Options

Not bad for making a smarmy looking Wizard who you just can't wait to stick your sword through.

The Finished Product

All of this is very well and good but it doesn't matter if the end result doesn't end up looking good enough for the tabletop. Below are a pair of examples of the finished product at the Ultra Detailed level...

Hero Forge Painted #1

Hero Forge Painted #2

I'd say these have turned out very nicely and apart from a bit of graininess the finish creates some eye catching models. If you really want to make some individual characters for your role-playing group then this seems like the best option right now.

Do you think they've turned out well?

"I might have to play around with the idea of a Werewolf Warrior..."

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