Hero Forge Custom Mini Platform Launches Online!

December 9, 2014 by brennon

We mentioned them not long ago and now they've launched online. Hero Forge have got their program up and running that allows you to craft your own tabletop heroes for Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Western and more. Check out a few of the ones I've made...

Hero Forge Dwarf

Hero Forge Android

Hero Forge Female Dungeon Delver

Hero Forge Bard

As you can see I've gone with a very fantasy theme but there is a lot you can try out and I urge you to give it a go. After you've made your various heroes you can also then save them and choose a variety of different print methods. These stretch from a basic one that isn't very good for painting all the way up to a sculpture that you'll have on the mantlepiece.

The program looks like it is robust enough to handle a lot more combinations and while occasionally you find a few issues with things clipping through other items it's pretty great.

Give it a go!

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