Break Some Fourth Walls as Evil Deadpool Joins Heroclix

April 1, 2014 by dracs

At the beginning of March WizKids made the exiting announcement that a new set of heroes focused around the Merc with the Mouth would be joining HeroClix.


To kick off their previews of these new models we get to meet Deadpool's Prime counterpart. Give a big hand for Evil Deadpool!

Evil Deadpool

Evil Deadpool

As one would expect from any version of Deadpool, practically all of Evil Deadpool's abilities are fourth wall jokes, which I think helps to capture an essence of the sort of frantic humour this character usually has.

The best, of course, has to be the inclusion of Word Balloon attachments.

This Besmirchment Will Not Stand

In the comics Deadpool is often aware of his own speech and though balloons and they have even been known to take on character of their own, so it definitely makes sense to see them included in Deadpool's Heroclix figures, as well as just being a plain fun, silly addition very much in keeping with the character.

Who is your favourite hero? Deadpool, or Deadpool?

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