The Greatest Magician of the DC Universe Comes to HeroClix!

January 8, 2015 by dracs

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Two new previews for the upcoming DC HeroCLix: Justice League - Trinity War set have appeared from WizKids, bringing us two of the greatest supernatural characters from the New 52.

First, we get to meet I, Vampire, the leader of the New 52 vampires.

I Vampire

I, Vampire received a bit of a reworking in the New 52 reboot. He has since defeated Cain, the first vampire and claimed leadership over all the undead. He has all the usual powers of vampires, such as shape shifting, hypnotic abilities and super human strength, all of which goes to make him a formidable opponent on the battlefield.

However, for me the most exciting news is the promised appearance of Tim Hunter.

Tim Hunter

If you read my article on the Swamp Thing yesterday, you may have seen me mention that I am something of a fan of the Trenchcoat Brigade, a collection of some of DC's greatest trenchcoat clad supernatural experts. Well, this innocuous looking teenager is the reason for them forming in the first place.

Tim Hunter, first appearing in Neil Gaiman's Books of Magic, is destined to be the greatest magician there has ever been, but at present his talent is raw and untrained. This is shown in his HeroClix stats, as he grows in strength due to the proximity of his mentors, before being able to unleash his true potential.

Will you include I, Vampire or Tim Hunter in your HeroClix line up?

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