Heroclix Brings Wolverine to Days of Future Past

March 30, 2014 by dracs

With the new X-Men movie appearing soon over the horizon it is no surprise that Heroclix will be getting a Days of Future Past set soon, the latest of which to show up is none other than the mutant who's the best there is at what he does.


Wolverine is a brutal close combatant, bringing his formidable claws to bear on any enemy who gets in his way and regenerating damage done to him.

I love the design that WizKids have gone for with this model. The wall with the wanted posters behind Wolverine harks back to the famous cover art of the comic.

X-Men Days of Future Past Cover

All in all a welcome addition to Heroclix's range and the perfect defender of mutant kind.

Will Wolverine be joining you, bub?

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