HeroClix Engages a Trinity of Sin

May 21, 2013 by dracs

The last HeroClix convention exclusive has just been previewed and this time it is something to get all us DC fans excited over featuring three of their lesser known characters who together make the Trinity of Sin!

Trinity of Sin

So just who is this Trinity of Sin and why am I so excited by it? Well it is because it contains two of my all time favourite DC characters; The Question and The Phantom Stranger.

The Question

Phantom Stranger

They are so damn awesome! Oh yeah and Pandora as well.


So far I think that these are just renders of the miniatures themselves and, while I think the Phantom Stranger's mini does not do the character justice, they aren't too bad. Though I am interested to see how they will achieve that translucent fog around his feet.

The Trinity of Sin will be available at a number of conventions this year, such as Origins Game Fair, San Diego Comic Con and GenCon Indy, so if you happen to be there why not pick them up. And pick one up for me while your at it.

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