HeroClix Fire Up The Pacific Rim Jaegars For A Fight

July 15, 2013 by brennon

WizKids and Heroclix have jumped on the Pacific Rim bandwagon and will be bringing them into their gaming world. Check out one of the Jaegers and a Kaiju below...

Jaeger Heroclix Figure

Kaiju Heroclix Figure

These are actually looking like they could be pretty good. The quality certainly seems to be better, at this stage at least. I have yet to watch the film but everyone who has seen it said it was awesome.

While it's great to see them coming to the tabletop in some form or another it would be good to see a proper miniatures game based off the franchise. Maybe even a board game by Fantasy Flight would be a winner?

What do you think of the Heroclix brand grabbing these?

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