Yu Gi Oh Leaves Cards and Enters HeroClix

September 23, 2013 by dracs

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HeroClix has given us the heroes of Marvel, DC and even Halo. Now another franchise is joining the range of miniatures, one that will be familiar to anyone who grew up in the 90's; the Japanese card game Yu Gi Oh.

The preview images of the Yu Gi Oh miniatures have been appearing on the Kickstarter campaign for a game card wallet, showing off the figures which will be appearing in the series one starter set.

Dark Magician

Hitotsu-Me Giant

These pre-painted miniatures look like they will be following the original anime designs closely.

Des Feral Imp

Blue Eyes White Dragon

Despite being a child of the 90's when Japanese card games were all the rage I have never been particularly fond of Yu Gi Oh. However, Yu Gi Oh does still have a very big following of players today and I know that many people will be happy to see the cards realised on the tabletop. They might also prove to be a good crossover for players who have preciously only played collectible card games to get into miniature gaming.

Do any of you play Yu Gi Oh?

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