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Weekender XLBS: What Four Games Influenced Your Tabletop Life?


We have an awesome show for you today packed with our own hobby experiences and a big discussion which we think will get a lot of you sharing some important moments from your tabletop gaming life.

Boris Woloszyn Sculpts Up A Mighty HeroQuest Diorama


Boris Woloszyn has been sculpting away on his HeroQuest diorama for a while now and not long ago we got to see the final diorama all laid out and ready for a lick of paint.

Boris Simiano Updates Your HeroQuest Miniatures Next Year!


Boris Simiano is going to be heading to Kickstarter next year to bring to life a series of miniatures based on the HeroQuest box art that we all know and love.

Weekender XLBS: Making A Gamehacker Toolkit & Learning Lessons From Campaigns


Warren breaks out his Gamehacker
Toolkit for bodging your games
and we delve deeper into
crafting Wargaming Campaigns.

Why Is The Mighty Heroquest So Great?


The video above will answer your questions quite well. BardicBroadcasts put together this wonderful video which has taken off online.

Weekender XLBS: Dungeon Delving Special


As well as enjoying the Dungeon
Saga Weekend you can get stuck
into a Weekender XLBS
where we talk all things
dungeon delving…

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Trying Out A Classic – Delving Deep With HeroQuest


After the lovefest for Warhammer Quest that happened over the weekend I thought I’d dig out my copy of HeroQuest I got from a charity shop and leaf through it for a bit of nostalgia. What made the game so fun and indeed is it worth revisiting nowadays?

Gamezone Relaunches HeroQuest Via Lanzanos


HeroQuest is coming back through another funding channel and it appears like it won’t have any problems. Let’s cross our fingers for a smooth road ahead.

HeroQuest Anniversary Edition Kickstarter Suspended


Update: In a not so surprising turn of events it looks like the HeroQuest Kickstarter has ground to a halt as the IP issues some people were raising have hit the fundraising fan!