HeroQuest Anniversary Edition Kickstarter Suspended

November 28, 2013 by brennon

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I don't think many of you will be surprised to know that the HeroQuest Kickstarter has been hit by an IP issue and looks like it's been suspended until further notice. It looks like there might be a few more box ticking exercises to go through before this one comes back onto the scene.

Official Statement

If you've been wondering on just what you can expect from HeroQuest and Gamezone then see if this artwork ticks all your boxes. The Kickstarter is now live and you can check out the contents of the box below alongside a list of their current stretch goals.

HeroQuest WIP Artwork

Above you can check out the cover art for the game. I love this comic book style work they have done and it looks dark and gritty as well as having a dose of black humour too. If that wasn't enough they also showed off sketches of the four hero classes.

The Barbarian

The Dwarf

The Elf

The Wizard

Clearly I'm going to be making a bid for that Dwarf character at every opportunity I can. The artwork, as I said above, has really gripped me with this game and if they can translate all this into some awesome miniatures and great looking components this is going to sell like really, really hot cakes.

Gamezone's Kickstarter Price List

Basic boxed game $94

Boxed Game and 15 heroes - $115

Boxed Game, 15 heroes and all stretch rewards - $158

They have even put together a list of the components within the box which you can check out HERE.


The Kickstarter has Launched! You can see the massive collection of pieces and other gubbins below!

HeroQuest Contents

You can pledge for the basic set, which already has plenty, or you can add in a mass of other heroes and monsters to make this all the more exciting as a piece of gaming history.

Female Prisoner & Tomb

Rolling Board & Spell Cards

Monster Cards & Captured Knight

Above are also some of the stretch goals that have been unlocked. These are being busted at an almost hourly rate so they are subject to a LOT of change...

This could be a mega addition to your collection.

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