Painted Surgeon & Greek Reinforcements with Warlord

February 4, 2012 by brennon

We saw the previews for the Pike & Shotte battlefield surgeon not long ago, so here is the painted version of the small diorama which is causing a bit of a buzz from Warlord Games!

Pike & Shotte Surgeon Painted

Great looking and characterful piece this. Could be a painting challenge, or even as some kind of objective marker for the battlefield. However, if your looking a little further back in history then check out these new additions to the Ancient Greek army.

Greek Strategoi

Greek Slingers

Greek Psiloi

So we have some light skirmishing units to go ahead of the main forces in the slingers and psiloi. Backing them up however will be your phalanx of hoplites and amidst them, the Strategoi commanders ready to order your men into battle.

Looking to add to either your Hail Caeser or Pike & Shotte collection?

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