Ride Into Battle With Musketeer’s Late Roman Cataphracts

April 3, 2013 by brennon

If you're a historical fan then you probably already know of Musketeer Miniatures, but if you didn't then you might want to check out their range of great models. Next up are their Late Roman Cataphracts which should be primed for a Salute 2013 release...

Late Roman Cataphracts WIP

The Cataphract were heavily armoured warriors on horseback that were draped head to toe in scales and usually wielded swords and lances in battle.

While they started life as part of the enemy force the Cataphract were soon developed into a fighting tool for the Roman Empire as you see above. They were then used throughout the Empire from Asia Minor all the way to Britain.

It will be fun to see some of these painted up!

Will you be hiring them for your force?

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