Swordpoint Rulebook Up For Pre-Order From Gripping Beast

October 23, 2016 by brennon

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If you're looking for an alternative ruleset for playing out your Ancient and Medieval battles then how about the new Swordpoint Rulebook which is up for pre-order by Gripping Beast?


What is Swordpoint?

"SWORDPOINT is a new set of “Big Battle” game rules for fighting actions in the ancient and medieval periods. Games of SWORDPOINT involve between 100 and 250 figures per side arranged into multiple units. The game is designed to last about 2 hours and encourages the use of historical tactics and emphasises the need to maintain cohesion  in the army’s battle line, without being prescriptive.

An extensive series of publications is planned and the game will enjoy the support of web downloads, living FAQ and a range of supported events."

The rulebook is going to be available during November at Warfare in Reading on the 19th. It will launch giving you the core rules for playing our your battles.

More comprehensive rules for Dark Age armies will launch in December of this year with Classical armies following in the Spring of 2017. More Medieval armies and their additionally material will be available throughout the Summer of 2017.

Of course, the main rulebook will contain rules for all of these periods of history and will offer up a select number of lists but this enables them to focus in on them bit by bit and listen to feedback too.

Does this appeal to you?

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