The Assault Group Sends In More Tudor Reinforcements

January 30, 2013 by brennon

If you liked some of the other Tudor miniatures we showed you last week then you might be interested in this next upcoming selection from The Assault Group including soldiers with Arquebusiers and in Command...

English Arquebusiers Marching

English Arquebusiers Loading

English Arquebusier Firing

First up are the English Arquebusier in various states so you can rank them up however you see fit but also maintain a sense of order too. Now you can have a back rank loading while the front is unloading its deadly shot into the enemy. These particular soldiers are modelled on those men who traveled in Henry VIII's 1544 Campaign into Europe.

English Command Advancing

And if you're looking for someone to lead these men into battle then how about a Command Unit? Above you can see the Commanders advancing but they will also have alternative sculpts for these fellows too so you can mix and match between regiments.

All of these models are looking pretty good and it would be fun to see some painted up as a preview of what they look like at tabletop standard.

Will you be taking on a Tudor force?

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