Gringo 40s Lay Bare Some Awesome Mayan Warriors

June 21, 2013 by dracs

The Mayan apocalypse may not have happened, but that doesn't mean Mayans aren't dangerous. Would you want to face these Meso-American warriors which Gringo 40s have just released?

Gringo 40s - Mayan Warriors

Little known fact, the introduction of trousers made these guys less effective in battle.

These sculpts are pretty cool, wielding well sculpted primitive weaponry and ready to scare the life out of any Spanish Conquistador. It helps that the models have been painted with some really cool tattoo designs which makes them really stand out.

Of course, the warriors aren't the only members of Mayan society the Spaniards would have to contend with as a priest and chief have also appeared at Gringo 40s.

Gringo 40s - Mayan Chief

Gringo 40s - Mayan Warrior Priest

There's even someone for them to sacrifice, how nice.

Gringo 40s - Mayan Sacrifice

Fancy picking these up and starting your own Mayan apocalypse?

Thanks to Gerard on our Facebook for pointing this out to us.

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